December 1, 2017 - February 25, 2018

Role: Concept Designer/ Experience Designer/ Installation/ Publisher

Client: Breck Create. Breckenridge, Colorado.

Four distinct installations.


1. Silence

Specs: 2 projectors, 2 dynamic microphones, 2 computers, 2 prepared walls

An interdisciplinary exploration of the concept of noise and its close relationship to silence. Spectral visualization of soundscape inside and directly outside of the gallery.

A recontextualization of our ambient environments.

Audio from outside gallery broadcast live online during gallery hours and on FM dial 89.9 within the gallery.

Using the program, sndpeek, created by Ge Wang | Perry Cook | Ananya Misra | George Tzanetakis

2.  NOISE/ silence Booklet

Specs: 32 pages. 4.25x5". Laserjet printed. Edition of 700.

Choose your path: NOISE or silence. 

Choosing one does not unchoose the other. One half of the book is prompts to encourage engagement with NOISE. The other half is prompts to encourage engagement with silence. Free for visitors. An interactive book featuring a series of prompts meant to encourage the engagement with concepts of sound. Inspired by the works of Pauline OliverosR. Murray Schafer, and John Cage.

Presented with black golf pencil for silence and glow-in-the-dark golf pencil for noise. 

3. Light Speaks

Specs: Constructed space with two rooms, 75 re-recordable light-activated 10-second sound-modules, prepared LED flashlight, velvet theatre curtains.

A indeterminate, generative soundscape, constructed by visitors as they re-record sound-modules. Navigation through space with flashlight generates unique soundscape.


Specs: iPhone 5, TV monitor, coding by Jori Brooks

Screen displays a website, which searches for #noise on Instagram every 10 seconds and refreshes image on top of the screen. Visitors are asked to use the iPhone to call a phone number and describe the image on the screen out loud. Bottom half of the screen displays live iterations of computer's attempts to transcribe what is spoken. Visitors can affect image on screen by posting their own #noise posts to instagram. 

Photography courtesy of Joe Kusumoto and Jordan Knecht.