October 2016. Published by Adult Punk

About: Records is the detritus leftover from a durational project which documented itself. Records is my domestic life depicted through the lens of every vinyl record in my collection in the span of a few months. Content in the book was generated from hundreds of hours of archived pedestrian life, meta-cognitive writings, unintentional collages, pseudo-technical drawings, and improvised culinary recipes.

I conceptualized, executed, designed, edited, and printed the book between March 2016 and September 2016.

Records was published with support from a grant provided by the Boulder Contemporary Museum of Art and the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Page Count: 236

Size: 1x7.5x9”

Printing: Risograph. Adult Punk. Denver, Colorado

Binding: Perfect. Your Bindery. Denver, Colorado

Paper: Golden Bell WFK White, Strathmore WFK Natural, Hookah Speckle, 
and French Packing Brown Wrap. 

Edition: 125


Records by Jordan Knecht
Records by Jordan Knecht