April 27, 2017

Denver Art Museum. Denver, Colorado,.

Performance and installation in collaboration with Kalid Al-rajhi and Eli Saragoussi.

Visitors of the Denver Art Museum were asked to describe works by Mark Bradford and Clyfford Still into a cellphone. Flawed text transcriptions of the oral descriptions were sent to Kalid Al-rajhi and Eli Saragoussi, who parsed the transcriptions for visually descriptive phrases and descriptions of meaning, respectively. Al-rajhi rapidly designed a new wall plaque for the artwork using the transcriptions of meaning. Saragoussi generated a cellphone-quality reproduction of the descriptive language, using bulky Crayola markers. The two were paired together to create entirely new works in collaboration with the existing exhibition. Every five minutes, a new art opening was held in the gallery to celebrate installation of the new works of art which covered the existing wall plaques..