Signal Noise

May 12, 2018.

Role: Artist/ Concept Designer/ Sound Designer/ Installation/ Performer

Leon Gallery. Denver, Colorado.

Signal Noise was a continuation of my exploration of Noise from my exhibition/ installation in Breckenridge, Colorado. I wanted delve deeper into pluralistic manifestations of noise, including, but not limited to sonic, linguistic, visual, social, and tactile noise. This piece was meant to be overwhelming, creating noise within performer and audience interactions.

In preparation of the performance, I assembled a 700 foot-long scroll of voice-to-text transcriptions of gallery patrons describing social media images into a transcription service. I took selections from those transcriptions and designed a video which interacted with audio during the performance.

James David Fitzpatrick is the other performer in the piece.

Thomas Knecht was the live sound engineer for the performance.

Eric Dallimore and Kate Grube provided invaluable installation assistance.

 Specs: 10 FM radios, 3 surfaces prepared with 6 transducers,  FM transmitter, 2 video projectors with audio-reactive input, 6 shipping rubberbands, voice-to-text transcript, 700 ft. scroll, paper shredder

Duration: 23' 00"

On May 13, 2018, documentation of the performance from the night before was installed throughout the gallery.

The installation was comprised of video documentation of the performance played back through the projectors and stereos from the performance,

along with laserjet prints of cellphone photos of the performance, installed throughout the space.